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Fat Guys, Long Hair, and Gang Bangers: Judges, not Game of Thrones

This post is an odd one, mainly because I'm still reeling from this book, the book of Judges. I finished reading it last week during the youth camp at which we were helping to lead worship when the Spirit was moving and I was engulfed in flames of holiness. Now I am home in Franklin with the aura of an Emmaus Walk's fourth-day surrounding me, wondering where God is, what the heck He is doing, and why, when everyone around me is moving forward, am I still in my jammies on the couch.
      It's been a rough morning, y'all.
      So I am reflecting on Judges and praising God for promises kept because He inhabits the praises of His people, and I need Him to inhabit my praises, even when they are weak and wandering. I am so blessed to be one of God's peeps. Subsequently, I am providing a brief rundown of this fabulous book for your reading pleasure, in the hopes that you, too, will tackle it. In addition, I am being totally wrecked by this reflection on Judges. W…

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