It's the end of the world as we know it...........and I don't feel fine.

  While we're all cracking our butts sideways laughing at this end of the world mess, I challenge you to take a different approach at discussing the, uh, "topic":

   Last night Jo and I were having our regular evening down time together. Watching the telly and being computer nerds are part of our little relaxation mode. Basically, we allow our brains to turn to mush just for a while. After the emotional roller coaster we've been riding this week, we deserved to sit and do....NOTHING. Usually we chat and catch up on the day's events. We take advantage of these couple of hours before we hit the sack, just enjoying each others company. I was still recovering from shot day so I wasn't as much fun as normal. Jo supplied entertainment this time by making his goofy jokes and a fantastic pot of coffee, repairing our burner on the comp and kissing me on the cheek with his scruffy beard every two seconds to make me laugh.
   Suddenly he chimed in, "Hey! The end of the world is this weekend, ya know." His eyebrows were raised as if to say, "Just in case you didn't already." (Insert big goofy smile HERE.) 
   "I know! And there are zombies!" I replied sarcastically. "Are ya ready????"

   It was like a bomb went off in the room. We both just looked at each other.
   "What?" he said. God love that boy's heart....his brain was apparently still mush. The walking undead got to him a little early I guess.
   "Did you not hear anything I just said?"
   Why must we map everything out for men?
   "ARE. YOU. READY?" I asked him.
   Again, a blank stare, but apparently this time it had all clicked and he was grasping the magnitude of the question.
   "I know it's a big hoax....we don't know when the end of the world will hit, but, ARE YOU READY?"
   He looked at me very concerned as I answered the questions written all over his sweet face.
   "I'm saved," I said, "it's not's everything else................No, I'm not ready. Could I face God, my Creator, on Saturday and say, 'Hey, God! I've totally done everything You asked me to do! Let's get this road on the show!" Then my hamster wheel started to spin. I began to question myself a million miles per second. Now I'm asking YOU the same questions:

   Are you ready?
   If you were to meet your Maker on Saturday, whether it be by natural death, the second coming or even zombies, are you ready to look Him in the eye and answer His questions? When He says to you, "Why didn't you do what I asked you to do" will you be ready to answer? When the Father says, "I had so many plans for you, and man, they were AWESOME! ....................You knew I wouldn't hurt you or even allow you to be hurt.....why didn't you just trust me? Why did you run from me?" 
   Did you give it all you had while you were on this earth? Did you carry your cross, witness to as many people for Him as you could find? Did you serve Him and others? Did you take the time to establish a relationship with Him, let alone feed and nurture it? Did you glorify Him in all you did and fully trust Him with every single aspect of you life? Did you give Him your life totally or just partly?  Did you walk the walk and talk the talk or was WWJD just a bracelet you wore for appearances?

   Will you look away from the perfect face you have SO longed to see in shame, empty handed? Or will you bow before Him with crowns to lay at his beautiful feet, rewarded for all you've done for Him?
   When you look into the Savior of the world's eyes will He know you? Will you know Him?

   After drilling myself and yes, answering, I realized that I'm not ready. I even asked myself, "What if Saturday really was THE DAY?"   Now, I know it's not, but what if? Zombies and guys with cardboard signs aside, WHAT IF GOD PICKED THAT DAY?
   The Bible tells us that the day and the hour are not known when Christ will return for His people. (Matt 24:36) Not even Jesus knows; only God the Father. (I fully believe this.) If we have no set time or schedule to follow, shouldn't we just be prepared?
   Packing isn't has to prepare a clothing itinerary for a week long vacation. This can actually take a few days and with my family, a few weeks. Laundry must be caught up and the house spotless. This way, when it's time to fold everything neatly into the suitcases, I have it all at my fingertips.  I personally make a list of needs: toiletries, medicines, a swimsuit, makeup, shoes, and beach accessories; let's not forget the GPS to make it to our destination and any other points of interest as well as the vehicle that insures we not only arrive safely, but in a "timely" manner.....I'm NOT walking to the beach, guys. 
   With all of this in our driveway, we are totally prepared for a nice long vacation.
   If we're this well prepared for a short vacation why are we not even more prepared for eternity? I don't know about you but I can't pack millions of souls to witness to into the next day or so. I can't make a difference for Christ like I know I should in 24 hours. I've stretched out my time on this earth thinking to myself, "I have nothing to worry about. It'll be a while."
   But what if it isn't? What have I done for HIM? No, as terrible as it sounds, I'm not ready. I have WAY too much work left to do. So my prayer is this....God, if you can just hold the zombies off just a little longer (by the way, I know that's not biblical), if you can keep Jesus with you just a few moments more, I will be all I need and have to be for You. I have too much to offer You. I know I'll never be perfect, but I can at least try. I can't look into Your sweet and wonderful face knowing that I haven't given it my all and then some for You. NOW....let's get this road on the, with YOU leading, of course.

  My challenge to all of us is this: WHAT IF?  Are you ready for Matthew 24:36? And what are you going to DO for Him to answer the challenge? Matthew 24:44-47; Ecclesiastes 9:11

***Please note that I AM ready to see JESUS....I'm saved and my soul ACHES to be with Him. I just haven't quite finished all that I want to do for Him.


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