Crosby: Short for Bing #2

  Last night I spent my evening helping out my friend Natima with a project for her son Hank's class at his little school. See, when one obtains a creative friend, one must use said friend to her advantage. Be it for free stuff or just the artist's creative prowess, it does not matter. So long as she uses her. Er, I'm talking about Natima getting all the free artsy crap outta me that she can possibly receive until I finally die. Ah, 'tis the life of the struggling artist. She knows I don't mind, but she is also overly grateful for being allowed onto the incredibly short list of friends and family who get freebies and discounts from Lilli's Painted Trees . Due to the creativity overload, my brain was yet again reduced to mush. Therefore, Crosby left a note last night instead of chaos. This went over very well with Lil because she specifically said, "I wish he'd leave me a note...." So, he did.
Please ignore flour mess and Mason jars in background. Thanks-Mgmt.
                                 The letter read: "Dear Lilli, Thank you so much for adopting me! I love your home and your family! You're being very good! Keep up the good work! *Santa* is very impressed and happy with you! Remember: I'm always watching you! Love, Crosby." She was a tad bit overjoyed this morning and, again, couldn't wait to get to school to tell her buddies. And it meant so much to her that he loved our home.
   When I went to eat lunch with her today she handed me a tiny colored picture. "Mom, it's a card for Crosby. I want him to know I love him. Will you give it to him?" She is SO stinkin' precious! She had colored a reindeer on the front of it and had written a message in her tiny second grade handwriting on the inside: "I hope you have a good Christmas with Santa Claus and your elf friends. Love, Lilli, Brandi, and Jordan. P.S.--> Do not get in the laundry again!" Then on the next page she wrote: "Merry Christmas Crosby! Love you!" And she really does love that little elf. She asks about him first thing every morning and first thing when she gets home school. I can't WAIT for her to see what he's going to do tonight....




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