Crosby: Short for Bing #3

  The past few days have been a little say the VERY least. Our church Christmas play was Sunday night and Jordan and I have been practicing as well as finishing our Christmas shopping....and helping friends to finish theirs. Actually I have been finishing the Christmas shopping. Hey, it's every woman for herself during Christmas shopping; as a result, every man for himself stays home and out of the way. Bless their hearts. Throughout all of the hustle and bustle, Crosby has been a very busy little elf.
   After school Thursday, Lilli found that the little ape cleaned her bedroom. Now, some of you mothers are
thinking, "Are you flippin' NUTS?!" No, I'm not. Lilli's room stays clean-yes, I know. "Where can I get one of those?!" She rarely has a mess in her room. The playroom? That's another story. Anyway, the only mess she had in her bedroom was her bed. She makes it up, with her thousands of stuffed animals, when she gets home from school and if there are any clothes or toys out she takes care of that, too. Instead, this time Crosby had already taken care of it for her! We then found him sitting on her dresser, in the center of the nativity scene, holding the baby Jesus. PRECIOUS! This was Crosby's subtle reminder of what the Christmas season is really about.

  We had a Christmas party for Jo's office Saturday night, sans kiddos. Lilli, therefore, stayed with the Griffins. And Mommy and Daddy, therefore, got a night free of Crosby duty.
However, I knew that when Lilli got home after church Sunday, she'd be expecting a prize. And boy did she ever. Crosby was joyriding through the kitchen in the pink Barbie VW Bug....with Barbie in the passenger's seat. I didn't get a photo because I was trying to be stealth when I moved Crosby to his next destination: the refrigerator.
  This morning Lilli woke up in my bed. Just because school is out for us doesn't mean work is out for Jordan, although we sure wish it was. It's nice having him home with us. After he left for work this morning, Lilli climbed into our bed with me. We slept late and when we awoke she was on the hunt for Crosby.
  "Where is that elf?" she asked me.
  "I don't know, baby'll just have to look for him," I said with my knowing grin plastered all over my sleepy face.
  She searched high and low; praise God she didn't check the high bookshelf cabinets where I hide the Santa presents! She finally just gave up, defeat written all over her adorable face.
  "Maybe he's still gone to the North Pole, Momma. Yeah....that's gotta be where he is." She was confused and her crinkled little brow told me how frustrated and worried she was about her new little friend. Like any momma would do, I gave fate a little push.
  "Are you thirsty? You want some juice?"
  At this point she was standing right in front of the fridge.
  She opened the fridge and her little face lit up like a firefly. "MOMMA!!!!! He's drinking my eggnog!!!"
   Crosby had helped himself to a glass, er, the whole pint, of Mayfield's eggnog. Oh, well. As I always say about Mayfield's eggnog, " 'Tis the season to be jiggly!"


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