The Shameful Christian Club: No One Is Welcome

How is it that we Christians feel we can eliminate other humans from the all surpassing love of Christ? We run from our president because he isn't of the same party affiliation. We run from homosexuality because "it's a big fat sin" when in reality our bigoted, judgmental attitude is no different. We put the word "church" under a pretty white steepled cross and only allow the wealthy and socially acceptable inside, right after they're approved by a committee that has been appointed by another committee. And when the winners of the perfect attendance award don’t show up on Sunday morning, we prepare a message in order to chastise them and “light a fire under them.” We type the order of the service all nice and pretty for our colored bulletin and make sure to tie up the Holy Spirit so He doesn’t get out of control and deter us from that perfect set list. What? Does He think this is His day or something? Then we argue over projectors, song choices and styles, and a dress code that makes us feel pretty. In reality, that adorable Easter outfit just hides the ugliness we're carrying around in our heart. We fear sending our money to missions and the needy because heaven forbid we not have enough for ourselves when the iPhone 14 makes its debut. After all, endless texting and free games are worth far more than the human soul. When we do give generously, either the 10% tithe or an offering (which, by the way, are two completely different things) we feel entitled to “get a say-so” in the daily workings of the church; and when we don’t get our way, that generous gift disappears and the tithe decreases as if to punish the church and, oh yes, the pastor. We tell others they're going to burn for having a beer, but in secret we're making sure our teenagers can't find the key to our well-stocked liquor cabinet, on which we dine daily and sometimes hourly because swallowing the bitter pill of conviction and pride seems to go down easier with a little help than without....shaken, not stirred of course. We think that when someone follows God's calling on his or her life outside of that pretty building on the corner that "there's something wrong." We assume that if the American Dream isn't fulfilled we're not doing something right for God....we're not living right, we're not serving enough. Come to think of it, when we are serving it's not really for God's glory, but for our own. We want others to see that we're "good and Godly” all while we forget that service is an act of love and selflessness. We memorize God’s word, not to be closer to Him, but to reprimand those we believe are wrong, omitting the parts we don’t like, and making sure we score the most points in the coming political debate over abortion and capitol punishment. We use and abuse God’s words, our faith, and His sacrifice. One by one we make the call on who can and can’t come inside our little Christian club on the corner. One by one we become Pharisees. One by one we cancel out the many parts that make up the church. And piece by piece we tear down the Body of Christ. 

We should be ashamed of ourselves. 


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