The Difference Between Sugar and Salt

        Every year we see hundreds of summer photos taken by our friends and posted onto the nearest social networking website. While I must admit my greenness at viewing your wet-n-wild family getaway, I thoroughly enjoy seeing your family enjoy vacationing.
       Through this abundance of never ending salt watery filmography, the rest of us, from our humble and not so Caribbeanesque but certainly local abodes, get glimpses of your vacations to the beach with the following captions: Baby's First Time In the Ocean! King Crab Leg Dinner! Check Out My Sand Castle! I'm A Little Sunburned. (Insert sad face here.) I Caught A Shark! DISNEY WORLD!  Then we see photos of couples, their pink cheeks pressed together in the obligatory " we took this ourselves because we're just that talented and awesome" shot. And for 15 years, it never fails, we've all received the Christmas card of the khaki-and-white beach family.
        Don't be ashamed. We've all participated in the capturing of at least one or more of these photos, and we continue to do so. They speak volumes about our families, and the stress relief vacation offers is captured in our eyes. However overdone, we never get enough of these types of vacation photographs, etched eternally into our photo books and memories. 
       While they're all fun and each somehow different from the exact same one Instagrammed right before yours, there is one that isn't quite making the cut in my
book:  the "toes-in-the-sand.....and also, check-out-my-crotch" shot.  
      The point of the "toes in the sand" photograph is to capture the essence of the beach: the first time one walks onto the sand after a long day of driving from North Georgia; the softness of the white earth slipping between her toes but sticking to her ankles as her heels spray the fine shimmery particles behind her; the smell of the salty ocean breeze as it whips her hair around her face and neck in a constant temperature battle with the fiery sun above, both tingling the skin and urging her to jump into the water for cooling. The water. The blue-green waves wrestle one another in attempt to engulf her ankles where she stands: on the sand. It glistens like a sea of unburied treasure, reflecting the light of God's first creation as the wonder of it all pulls the heart of every living thing to it. 
      If I close my eyes I'm almost there......almost.......
      But if I open my eyes I see your dang bikini-bottomed crotch and thighs, and this only reminds me of how hot and sticky it is. I've gotta lug all of my crap out there in the heat of the desert. Did I get the SPF 187? Did I get the umbrella? What about all of the towels? Shoot, I forgot the flippin' cooler so now I'm gonna have to walk back to the condo. Gah! Are you kidding me?! Sand is already rubbing my thighs raw and that a sand spur stuck between my shoe and my big toe?! CUSS!!! 
      See, a close up of your bikini bottom is between you, Jesus, and your husband if you have one. Think of it like this: when you post a photo of your toes in the sweet summer sand prefaced by your baby-maker (which has absolutely nothing to do with the price of tea in China let alone the ocean) you're misplacing the focus of the beach experience. No one that looks at your photo is thinking of your toes in the sand; and every male that "likes" your photo is definitely not looking at your fresh pedicure.......unless he's gay. 
       Hot pink bottom line, scenery, families, and other body parts considered bathing suitable for viewing should make the Summer Vacay memory book share. However, the view down undie might ought to be saved for the hubby. 
       With all of the vulgarity seen on social sites, television, and in other media, it is a constant struggle for women, especially teen girls, to hold the force pushing their boundaries. However, ladies, there is a simple answer for us: be the difference. The Bible tells us that as Christ-followers we are called out and set apart. As women of God we should be the example to an otherwise dying world. Even in imagination, you belong to your husband. Don't sacrifice your body for the two minute thrill of seeing a boy press the heart button on a snapshot of what doesn't belong to him.
       Be the Proverbs 31 young woman whose husband and children praise her and respect her. Be the woman the Creator of the beach created you to be, as different and unique as every wave that washes ashore. Be the difference between the sugary sand and the salty water. Don't be another Instagram beach photo exactly like the one before it. 



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