97 Springs Road

      Our house in Dalton was a very special house. We officially moved into it October 1, 2006. We'd been there almost 8 years, and every last moment of those 8 years was sheer bliss. In 2009 we had to vacate for three months due to mold. I thought I was going to lose our little house. But in the transition of having the mold damage repaired, I distinctly remember going over to the house. I put my arms on either side of a door frame as if I were hugging it, and I begged God not to be finished with us in that house. I loved it too much. After all of the repairs were finished, God granted my request and we moved back into it.
      This house carries so many precious memories to us, and we will never forget its heart. Within the walls of it we worshiped with friends, held birthday parties and showers, Christmas parties, movie parties, and Bible studies. There were nights we stayed up until the early morning hours playing music with some of our closest and dearest friends. When time ran away from us, those precious people would sleep on our couches and have a late breakfast with us the following morning.
      The yard saw many a cookout and held visitor after visitor who allowed its grass to creep between their toes much like the comfort of that house, as twilight swept over its horizon. The sounds of katydids played their summer symphony and lightning bugs danced on the heat waves of the humid summer air as stomachs settled and ice rattled in wet Solo cups. Some of those nights were lit up with bonfires as we quietly conversed of the complexities and simplicity of God's grace and His insurmountable love for us. Surrounded by 50 acres of peace, only to be interrupted quietly by a deer or turkey family, the house invited calm, relaxation, and the welcoming sense of home for all.
       We counseled with young adults on their futures and relationships. Some nights housed their crying eyes and our worn shoulders; other nights housed friends caught in a snowstorm.
      And yes, there was snow. We saw several snows in that house and were blessed to be able to utilize the warmth and the romance of its gas logs. How we treasure those days!
      At Christmas the atmosphere was swallowed up by twinkling lights. A magical storm of colorful glitter permeated every room as carols on the radio and Jordan's guitar filled each one.
      This house was our haven when we were sick and our comfort for all of the moments in between. It was our home, and home was definitely where the heart was.
      I was excited for our new adventure to Nashville, but I didn't want to leave my little house. Then we found our new house and couldn't have been happier. However, this little 97 Springs Road house will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories. The smells and sights, the sounds, and the sky over it. . . The last day I was there I stood in the peace of our backyard and I soaked in everything I could through my six senses. I looked all around me at the trees and the sky, wondering if it would look the same above me in Nashville as it did there. I waited for the moon to rise, asking God childishly if was the same moon that shone over Nashville. I listened to the life chattering around me as the sun began to set. I breathed the Georgia mountain air into my lungs; there's no smell like it. I crouched on the ground and grasped the crisp, cut grass in my fingers. There was no place like it. It was heaven on earth. Where I was going would be a concrete jungle compared to this perfect garden.
      The last few hours at our little house were bittersweet. While moving, we reminisced about memories past and days gone by, and we laughed at how we thought we'd be there forever. But forever isn't always what it seems to two 24-year-olds who only have the afternoon planned out in reality.

      When we pulled out of the driveway for the last time in Dawnville, Jordan looked lovingly at our little house. I cried a bittersweet cry. "So long, little house. You've been good to us," he said. And it had. What a treasure we had in this beautiful home. We will be forever grateful to God for our time in it. 
**To Randy and Tena Porter, the owners of our little house: Thank you. Words cannot, nor will they ever be able to express the gratitude we feel toward you. Your willingness to let us rent from you and the encouragement and support we received from you during hard times was overwhelming. You helped us grow in so many ways and taught us so much during our time there. Thank you. We are forever indebted to you; may you be blessed exceedingly abundantly above as we have just by being able to call this wonderful house our home. We love you! 


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