Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lipscomb Missions: Griffins in the City of Children

     Fall Semester 2015 is done and in the books, folks. FINALLY. It was great, I'll say that much, and that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. My classes dug deeper into the roots of our Trinitarian Maker than I could begin to imagine. I know I'll never recover. I don't want to recover. I want to be wrecked by His spirit every single day in such a way that my own is blown completely off of the pedestal she sometimes thinks she's entitled to stand upon. This semester was the launching point for what was to come, though I didn't fully understand this at the time. Christmas Break offered a much needed and appreciated break for my weary brain and my excited soul. Only one semester to go and I'll be a bonafide theologian. If that doesn't scare us all, I don't know what will.
      The past 18 months have offered healing for our souls and a better understanding of why God brought us to Nashville in the first place. As a result, the Griffin family has big and exciting news! No, I'm not pregnant, but you all will be the first to know when I send a video to World New with David Muir and Good Morning America.
       Jordan, Lilli, and I have been asked to lead a missions team through Lipscomb Missions! After much prayer we have humbly and joyously accepted the call. We will be leading our team to Ensenada, Mexico just over the California boarder in the Baja region of the country. While there, we will be working with the City of Children orphanage. We'll do any needed manual labor, construct and present at VBS program for the children there, and visit with families in the area for prayer and anything else they may need. the trip will be over our Spring Break, March 12-18. January 22-25 will be a preliminary leadership trip for Jordan and me. We couldn't ask for more from God to be including us in this journey.
       We're asking our friends and family to donate to the trip as all expenses are paid through fundraising and donations, all tax deductible. If you're interested, please visit the Lipscomb Missions link below to donate. Type in one of our names (Jordan, Brandi, or Lilli Griffin) and click on "City of Children" from the drop-down list of trips, then you can fill out the remainder of the form accordingly.
    Because Jordan and I are leaders, 50% of our trip is covered by Lipscomb Missions. Our total need stands at $275 each. Lilli's cost is $950. Altogether we will need to raise $1500. The cost covers our meals for the week, three passports, Lilli's plane ticket, and 2 tickets a piece for Jordan and me. We have an initial leadership trip in January that we are taking which is also covered in this cost.
    To donate toward the trip, go to the Lipscomb Missions link above, click on the pink piggy bank that says, "Donate," and fill in the required info. Also, feel free to read up on the City of Children trip as well as other trips Lipscomb takes year round! To learn more about City of Children, follow their link and check out some of the little faces we'll be working with over Spring Break.
      More than anything, friends, we need your prayers!! Please feel free to share this information on your social media, through email, with your churches, however you feel led. We covet and appreciate all the prayer you can supply! 
     If you'd like to keep up with the Griffin Family and God's ministry through us, email me (Brandi) at and we'll get you on our ministry email list. Here we'll keep in touch with you about our ministry, the mission trip, and lots of other cool stuff! Many people have asked if we're still on Facebook or Twitter. Sorry to disappoint, but we are not. But never fear! You can follow us on Instagram at either @brandigriffin81 OR @prodigalskeeper. And remember, the blog (right here) is STILL going and we continue to update it with everything we're doing as well. You can follow us on here to the right and/or sign up for the blog email list where you'll be updated every time we post.
      Thanks so much for all of your support for us over the years. We are blessed beyond measure to have been touched by each of you, and those we don't know, we're blessed to be in your prayers!
      Stay tuned!

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