Tuesday, February 16, 2016

City of Children Update #3: Fundraising Goal MET!

      Hello, all! This is just a very quick update on the City of Children fundraising; I do hope to post something longer later this week, but right now I'm swamped with a big Greek exam, graduation forms, tons of reading and writing, Lilli's softball tryouts and dance, and meetings galore! Jesus is keeping us pretty busy!
      As promised, a financial update: Since my last post we have received the final amount for Lilli's cost in full as well as a donation for our deposits, all from one family! Praise the Lord for using these generous people to help further the kingdom! What an impact they have made in our lives, but more importantly in the lives of those to whom we'll be ministering in just a few weeks! In addition, we received another generous donation that we just found out about yesterday from the Bible office here at Lipscomb. You people are incredible! God is SO good and our family is loving watching Him work in your lives! A "thank you" can never cover how grateful we are to everyone who has donated whether it be through monetary gifts, prayer, encouragement, or support. No price tag can fit any of these precious gifts from you.
       If you still have a burning itch to donate, we have a several girls who have not met their goals as of yet. Later today you will be seeing one of those girls as I feature her story on the blog. I can't wait for you to meet her! For now, check out the photo below for a glimpse of our team. This picture was taken (via selfie stick because I'm cool like that) at our first team meeting. Since then, we've added three new members and a couple have felt called to tend to other areas and will not be going with us. However, as God continues to shape this team we know that each person, those staying and those who've left us, have served an important part in the spiritual growth of our little team, corporately and individually.
      Thank you all again and stay tuned for more updates, photos, blog features, and blessings!

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