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Silence is Golden

      So many have been asking me, "What should I say?" They feel obligated to post something, to show a sign of life and solidarity, to follow along with the crowd, into it, disappearing yet making a statement by, at the very least, blending in with it, being present.       We live in a time when nothing we say is right. It's always wrong, always misconstrued, misinterpreted. . . never heard. We have picked sides and teams rather than cast those differences to the pit of hell where they belong in an effort to work together, to die to self for the greater good, to function as one--one team, one community, one mind and heart, one Body.       Paul said that we are one body with many parts and that not one of those parts is more important than the next. What we fail to realize is that Paul wasn't just referring to jobs in the church body; he was talking about the many different facets of how we are joined together: our cultures, our opinions, our states of mind, our p

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